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Covetella and Makeovers by Gayathri Menon

The Exclusive Makeover Workshop was held at Covetella where attendees enjoyed canapés and free-flow champagne from Champagne Perrier-Jouët while learning professional makeup tips and how to put together the perfect look for day and night by Celebrity Stylist Gayathri Menon and Covetella Founder Carol Chen. Special Thanks to Guerlain for the awesome goodie bags and ARIUM COLLECTION (now available to rent at Covetella) We planned in such a way that we took a day look into a night look with ease. Once we choose a woman who would represent the women in the audience, it was a treat to choose a day outfit and evening outfit for her. The makeup and Hairstyle that I created was simple, easy to do yourself techniques. And to show how easily we could transform a day look into an evening look all at the comfort of your own space. For such event Workshop bookings, contact me on Www.gayathrimenon.c

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