Unwanted Hair in Teens

Removal of unwanted hair in Teens and Pre-teens, is a subject of great importance in today's day and age. We need to be able to discuss this topic with our teens before it becomes an issue for them. The video explains a few different methods of hair removal best suitable for them. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sindhu from Kidz Parade Singapore for this opportunity to speak about this . Having a teen ourselves , I looked at it as a great idea. Kidz Parade's mission is to ignite Curiosity, Promote Creativity and Provide Inspiration to nurture a confident new generation. Find them on www.TheKidzParade.com and www.AsManyMinds.com/magazine. Thankyou for watching and sharing. For

Special Booking prices for Graduation And Prom

Don't miss out on this special price for Graduation  and Prom bookings. $120 Hair and Makeup together . $65 Hair or Makeup only . At studio only . Booking essential. Deposit 50 to confirm the booking.

Makeup Workshop Runway Mom 3

Dream Catchers is organizing Season 3 of Runway Mom. I was invited by Shalima Motial, to conduct Makeup workshops for all the participating women, Today's Women.... This is for the “Woman of Substance”, to celebrate her. As a woman, a mother, a working professional, a home maker, our work is certainly cut out. Managing so many things (sometimes, around the clock), that keeps us constantly on our toes. For many of us, our days would be extra-tough, if not for the support and love of our husbands and the hugs of our children. So let’s do something different from routine, let’s walk the Fashion Ramp with our husband or our children. The workshop included simple tips for their daily makeup regim

International Woman's Day Special

It couldn't get more exciting than this ..... I got to Makeover 8 Woman Achievers in Singapore , each in a different line of work. India Se Magazine did a fantastic job of putting together an amazing bunch of women for this editorial cover story shoot.I have been working with them for the past year or so now and have had the privilege to meet many such achievers in Singapore. It was interesting conversation with each one of these women during the makeup. I wanted to maintain the personality of each woman and hence kept the makeup look in lines with their own personalities and looking like themselves. As a woman , its in our hands to support and celebrate each others success. Wishing each of

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