IWA Beauty Workshop

I was recently invited to conduct a beauty workshop for the women of IWA singapore last week. Since the group has women from all age groups, i planned the workshop in such a way that it would be beneficial to all attending . We started with a skincare talk by 28Cubed the new kid on the block with skincare. I followed that with a make-up workshop that inclided simple and easy techniques for the day which could be easily changed to evening makeup with little effort. Once the makeup was done , I moved to doing the Hair workshop . Here i used one of my favourite tools the heated brush styler from PLAY BY TUFT . The group was completely in awe of how simple and easy this tool was to use , witho

ALL IN ONE Workshop

Recently I conducted an all in one workshop , that included Skincare from 28Cubed , Makeover with Jueness NV and Hairstyling with Tuft's heated brush. The workshop was mainly targeted towards women on the run, who dont have much time to spend in front of the mirror getting ready each day. Tips and tools that are quick and easy were the key focus. I also included multitasking products to make it easier to pick the minumum products required to makeover your face. The women could come and try out the foundations that were spray on and ligh weight and easy. And also use the heated hair brush to get a feel of things. 28Cubed was giving out a 12% discount on their starter kits , and Tuft gave away

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