Dance the beauty of Expression

Let me introduce you to Srabonti Dutta, an amazing Odissi dancer and Choreographer based in Singapore. Our husbands were working together and thats how she came to know i do make-up. 4 yrs back she was Choreographing a big show to be showcased in Jubilee hall Raffles Hotel. She has more than 50 dancers in her show. I had never done classical dance make-up ever before. So she came over to my place to discuss. She sent me a few pictures for reference of what she wanted from me. I remember practicing on my face many times until i was sure of getting the eyes right. And it had to be done in 15 mins flat . I only remember getting to the venue and starting the make-up, it went on the about 4-5 hrs

My First Photoshoot

My first Photo-shoot was with Roscoe back in Auckland , New Zealand in 2010. I replied to an online advert of his and we got working together . He was planning an outdoor shoot . So having a power connection was not in the agenda. So the hair had to be simple . We sat outside on a little step to do the Make-up and hair . I soon started feeling my fingers go numb in the cold. I managed to get the first look done asap so he could start shooting, while I waited around. Thankfully i had carried a jacket along . When i now look at this picture , I think i was so raw and amature at my work.The main products I used were Kryolan Professional Foundations- Supra Palette. I can find so many things no

My First Ever Bridal Shoot

My First ever Bridal Shoot was back in 2007 in Melbourne Australia. I was Volunteering for the Praharan Mission Chapel Street , when i met one of the fellow volunteers who happened to be a photographer. The mission was planning to organise a fundraiser with a collection of old season Gowns that they had been handed over. Wendy Joy M was fabulous Photographer. We had a Stylist in collaboration for the Shoot . We must have shot about 3 gowns in total . I was quiet nervous as this was my first experience with white skin model , as i had trained on brown skin . I used mostly Kryolan Foundations for my first attempt. It couldn't have gone smoother . In this picture the Model is wearing an antique

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