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TOP Wedding Photographers in Singapore

Being a makeup artist, I have had the privilege to be a part of an all-important wedding day of many brides and grooms in Singapore. After having done many bridal makeovers, photoshoots, along the journey I made some fabulous friends and got to know awesome talented professionals in the Singapore ROM and Wedding ecosystem.

In this post I want to share my top recommendations for some of the most professional and talented photographers that I have come to know, like and trust. I have had the opportunity to work with these folks very closely and seen them in action firsthand. You can safely trust me on choosing to work with these people, without a moment of doubt or worry. I know how important an event like ROM and Wedding is in your life and I would never want it to be anything but the best for you.

So here you go with my Top Go To people for Weddings / ROMs photography in Singapore.

For Bridal / ROM/ Engagement /Reception makeover booking go to

1.Samuel Goh

With more than 300 Weddings in Singapore under his belt, Samuel Goh brings a unique take that’s truly his own, which is honest and the wedding moments he captures reflect your own personality through his camera lens. He can turn something raw into an unforgettable memory. You can find him on his website at this link and follow him on Instagram here.

2.Subra Govinda

Subra Govinda is an exceptional photographer with an unparalleled attention to detail. His promise lies in leaving nothing to chance with his meticulous planning to capture the most beautiful and cherish able moments of your wedding day. He has an uncanny eye to spot that inadvertent tear in the father’s eye on the day of his daughter’s wedding or that stolen glance from a doting husband for his newly wed bride, he will capture it all for you for keeps forever. All this while being quietly out of your way as you go about hustling with the hectic affair that weddings can be. Reach him out on his website here. You can check out his work there as well as on his Instagram feed here.

3.NIN9 Studios

I have had the chance to work alongside Vinod Rai of NIN9 Studios on several occasions. He brings with himself a vast and varied experience of capturing moments that will last you a lifetime, not just for weddings alone but various other events. One look at his gallery will give you enough evidence and testimony to his brilliant photographic talent. You can trust him with your eyes closed. Here is a link to the gallery of his work. His website is and you can check him out on Instagram here.

4.Jose Jeuland

French & Singapore based, Jose Jeuland is a professional photographer, part of FUJIFILM X-Photographer. Jose has various specialties due to his polyvalence as: documentary, travel, street, editorial, portrait, corporate and commercial, photography exhibition, also fine art. He brings a powerful storytelling ability through his lens and each frame tells an intricate story of its own. Find him at and follow his Instagram here.

5.Couture Lense

Gargi M is exceptionally talented photographer with an eye for detail, color, lights and settings that brings the frame to life in a way that only she can. A successful woman entrepreneur in her own right, Gargi runs Couture Lense – a boutique production house specializing in fashion photography, art, image editing and visualization. We cater to Fashion magazines, Fashion portfolio, Photography assignments (Beauty Pageants, Concept Wedding to name a few), E-commerce Digital Catalogs and exclusive Art works across the globe. Check out her work on Instagram here.

Now there you have it! The BEST of the best Wedding Photography folks in Singapore coming straight from Gayathri Menon. For that special day in your life, do not hesitate to reach out to these fabulous folks and let them work their magic behind the lens for you! As for me, you can count on me for doing the BEST wedding makeover for you so you will shine as a bride like none other on your special day! It will be my honor and privilege. Reach out to connect with us on my website. Chat with us on Facebook Messenger here.

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