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My First Ever Bridal Shoot

My First ever Bridal Shoot was back in 2007 in Melbourne Australia.

I was Volunteering for the Praharan Mission Chapel Street , when i met one of the fellow volunteers who happened to be a photographer.

The mission was planning to organise a fundraiser with a collection of old season Gowns that they had been handed over.

Wendy Joy M was fabulous Photographer. We had a Stylist in collaboration for the Shoot . We must have shot about 3 gowns in total .

I was quiet nervous as this was my first experience with white skin

model , as i had trained on brown skin .

I used mostly Kryolan Foundations for my first attempt.

It couldn't have gone smoother .

In this picture the Model is wearing an antique bracelet converted into choker , which my Grandfather had gifted my Grandma from England .

I will never forget how welcome and warm the whole crew treated me that day .

And that was the beginning to my clientel of White Skin .

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