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My First Photoshoot

My first Photo-shoot was with Roscoe back in Auckland , New Zealand in 2010.

I replied to an online advert of his and we got working together .

He was planning an outdoor shoot . So having a power connection was not in the agenda. So the hair had to be simple . We sat outside on a little step to do the Make-up and hair . I soon started feeling my fingers go numb in the cold.

I managed to get the first look done asap so he could start shooting, while I waited around.

Thankfully i had carried a jacket along .

When i now look at this picture , I think i was so raw and amature at my work.The main products I used were Kryolan Professional Foundations- Supra Palette.

I can find so many things not quiet right about my work here. But nevertheless I still had a blast that day in the cold.

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