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Top Indian Bridal Make-Up Artists in Singapore

I'm so excited to share with all of you that I have been included in the list of the Top 18 Indian Bridal Makeup Artists in Singapore , by Daily Vanity a Singapore Beauty only e Magazine.

Its been an amazing journey in Singapore as a Makeover Artist for the past 4.5 years.

The first year and half was mainly networking and doing FOC jobs. Its tough to break into an industry when your new in the market.

My first 2 years mainly was Fashion shoots and personal makeovers , and not many Brides.

And soon enough i started my first few bridals here in Singapore. The initial few were caucasian and white clients. And I slowly started getting a flow of Indian Brides.

Now i dress up all kinds of Brides... Expat North Inidian, Expat South Indian , Singapore Indian , and Foreigners Brides.

I focus on the skin and ensure the foundation is not cakey . Mostly fresh looks , and sometimes bold eyes as the bride is open to some experimentation.

For all details on the rates and packages go onto

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