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Top Ten Makeup Tips for Women over 50

It’s so inspirational to see how women in their mid-50's and 60's are still so enthusiastic about life and all things positive. Just talking to them gives me a high. Just when you think, you have seen it all and done it all at 44, life shows you different perspective, through the eyes of 50 plus and 60 plus women.

I have had the privilege to dress up many such wonderful, strong women.

If you think it’s too late in life to have a makeover, put on some makeup and feel good about yourself, your absolutely mistaken. We must learn from these women.

Here I am sharing with you pictures of the recent makeovers I did. Apologies to all the others that I don’t have pictures of, a big thank you for still trusting me with your makeover.

I thought it would be a good idea to share some tips and tricks for makeover if you are in the 50+ zone to look and feel the best you can.

Let me share with you some tips that are essential for looking great with makeup for women over 50 years.

1. Take Great care of your skin.

A naturally healthy skin will glow and look good without much need for applying makeup layers. Drink lots of water. Moisturize your skin regularly. Don’t forget to take your vitamin supplements. Apply Sunscreen when you are outdoors to prevent damage from the sun’s harmful effects.

2. Before you apply makeup, prep your skin.

Clean it with a gentle cleanser. Apply moisturizer which is loaded with calogen and hydration elements. Make sure to use color corrector and concealer to hide the blemishes, dark spots, under eye dark circles if any, before applying foundation.

3. Go Light and Minimal on foundation.

Else it will appear cakey and not very natural. In fact, too much thick foundation, instead of doing the job of hiding your age lines, may end up doing the reverse and make them even more prominent. I would recommend going for cream-based foundations.

4.Plump up your lips.

Scrub your lips well with a lip scrub to remove flaky and dry skin. Apply a lip balm to smoothen them. And use gloss to plump up your lips a bit.

5.Go Light with Lip colors.

Ageing gracefully is all about choosing the right shades for your makeup. Try to avoid very dark lipstick shades unless you are in for some bold attention grab mood. Lighter natural shades work well as we age.

6.Just a hint of color on your cheeks is enough.

Overdoing color on your cheeks may make you look more aged. So just a light hint of color is enough to add that warmth.

7.Work on your eyes, lashes and brows.

Maintain your brows and keep them in shape. Use curlers to curl up your lashes and add some volume mascara to make them look thick. Go for pencil liners and fill in your brows with some easy to apply brow powders.

8.Use contouring to play with your features.

Use contouring to highlight the best features. Bronzers work well.

9.Stay close to a natural look. Blend Well.

Overtly done makeover don’t work well with growing age. Stay natural, minimalistic and light weight on your makeup. Blend well with brushes to get an even appearance.

10.Sleep well and Smile!

Cannot stress enough the importance of a stress free and relaxed sleep for at least 7-8 hours to make you look healthier and younger! Keep that smile on and shine! You have seen enough of the world and your wisdom will shine through and make you look more beautiful.

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