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Authors and Writers Makeovers

Tahira Amir Sultan Khan , Winner of The Lady Of Excellence Award 2016 Singapore, affiliate of Singapore Golden Brand Awards. It was my honor and pleasure to do her makeover . She is the Author of the book "Through The Golden Door" .

She was planning to wear this amazing red gown, so i decided to keep the makeup and hair classic and simple. Glowing skin ,with a lot of highlighting. She has the most beautiful set of deep set eyes, so all i needed to do was emphasise it. The lips I kept in sync with the same tone of the gown , so that it injected somoe colour onto her face.

In the event to follow the next day , where she was invited as a special guest to witness the crowning of Miss Singapore 2016 , she decided to wear a golden gown . Here I deceided to add more colour in the makeup instead and did a Vibrant pink purple eye . Stunning bright pin lips to match. The gold coloured gown looked even more stunning .

The eyes this time were a bit more dramtic than the first time around.

Tahira proudly and elegantly showed off my artistic work on her. I am ever so grateful for this opportunity.

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