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Morphe Palette

Its been a while since i have been wanting to post a few Makeover pictures from using the MORPHE 350S.

I purchased mine from

The eyeshdow colours in this palette are absolutely to die for.

All warm shades , some in matte and some in shimmer.

I recently did a few looks with this palette.

I particularly love the combination of Matte and Shimmer shadows in this palette.

I should admit there are still quiet a few shades i still havent used yet in this palette.

Its my must use palette forIndian, Asian and Expat Brides in Singapore.

Rom and evening dinner makeup works perfect too.

This may be too overwhelming a platette for a beginner, but if your experimental , go for it.

I have often used the gold and frosted lighter colours on various clients. The range of browns makes it versatile with any Skin tone .As i have a varied clienteele , its a perfect choice for me.

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