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Makeup Workshop Runway Mom 3

Dream Catchers is organizing Season 3 of Runway Mom.

I was invited by Shalima Motial, to conduct Makeup workshops for all the participating women, Today's Women....

This is for the “Woman of Substance”, to celebrate her. As a woman, a mother, a working professional, a home maker, our work is certainly cut out. Managing so many things (sometimes, around the clock), that keeps us constantly on our toes. For many of us, our days would be extra-tough, if not for the support and love of our husbands and the hugs of our children. So let’s do something different from routine, let’s walk the Fashion Ramp with our husband or our children.

The workshop included simple tips for their daily makeup regime. Key products that should be in a woman's handbag and how best to use them.

Wishing all the women a smashing walk down the ramp , and beauty tips they can take a long way forward.

For future group or personal makeup workshops do feel free to contact me .

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