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Singapore's Top Makeup Artist Contest 2018

Lush The Magazine was the main organiser for Singapore's Top Makeup Artist contest 2018.

I , Gayathri Menon was invited to be Judge and Mentor for the contestants .

There was a workshop conducted by me for the Amateur contestant at Nin9 Studios , where I explained the basic working of the industry and handling clients. We went into some details of makeup techniques as well .

I would like to thanks Mugdha my face model for the workshop for her time and love.

There were 2 priliminary rounds for the two categories, where we judged the contestants for Technique , Application skills, Neatness , etc and overall look .

The finale was on 5 May at Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore.

I has a real busy Saturday with Brides in the morning and in the afternoon. I rushed after my final bride to the finale.

Just made it n time to jump into the judging scene.

I was privileged to be among the top names in the Makeup industry in Singapore.

To name them Peter Angel from The School of Makeup, Clive from Cosmoprof Academy , Ana from Mary Kay Sg , and me.

Here are few of the pictures from the entire event.

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