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Make It Snappy on Zee TV

Another fabulous season has come to the end of the production. The Snappy episodes are now on Zee to watch .

The production went on for a whole 5 days on the sets. Its was one dish after the another . so much fun and excitement on sets when its a cookery show.

Sarab Kapoor , Celebrity Chef ensured that each recepie was so tasty and snappy to prepare. It was a feast for all of us in the production each day.

Each episode catered to a special festival that is celebrated in Singapore , with its Multicultural audience.

The main sponsor being Pran Spice powder....each dish had at least one of their products in the recepie. was another sponsor . And so was Jaipore Jewels .

Here are some of the behind the scene picture from the shooting. Also there are 2 pictures with the key people from Zee TV Asia , Tripta Singh and Ruchi Shah the forces and women behind .

I couldn't have asked for a better opportunity than being the Make up and Hair Stylist in charge for Sarab Kapoor herself.

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