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Story of a Student

This shoot is the story of Chinmayi ,29 years old from Bangalore. Done her Masters , worked as a researcher , currently doing her PhD in Structural Biology in NTU singapore. Her love for science and her dream to be a Scientist , has brought her here to singapore .

The concept for the shoot was brought up by Mary Gomez Camba , ace photographer friend of mine. As she says , photography is a stress buster for her . She runs her own company THE THINK VISUAL PROJECT.

Chinmayi had helped Mary prepare her TED talk recently and was doing this shoot with her as a gesture of gratitude.

Mary approached me for the Styling of the shoot, and like always i cannot resist working with her.

Mary sends me a story board of the ideas she has.... a very Modern , Confident ,Independant , Intellectual and Beautiful Indian woman. YES she can be all of it...and that what we were out to show.

I needed to find her an apt wardrobe..... and thanks to the many recommendations we finally had the amazing, newly launched couture store WHITE & GOLD COUTURE SINGAPORE.

I had seen just a facebook profile photo of Chinmayi, so had a vague idea of how she looks.

When she turned up at the shoot....i was just blown away at my luck.

She was gorgeous, tall ,Slim, abundance of hair and fantastically hardworking and intelligent.

I carefully choose a range of clothes that I though would depict the MORDERN INDIAN WOMAN .

What followed was just sheer magic through the lense and a BAZAAR style shoot.

I am so excited to share with you the photos of the making.

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