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25% Discount on Hair Tools

I have recently started customised personal hairstyling workshops at my studio .

I come across so many women who are not confident styling their own hair , hence this hands on workshop.

We start with basic heated roller styles which is one of the easiest and fastest ways to style , transition to half up down styles and then to updos.

All these are simpe techniques which you can master in your everyday life without having to spend too long on your hair.

Main tools used are Hot rollers, and Heated brushes, not leaving out the starightener.

The first were the favourites from the workshops.

The heated brushes are more versatile as they are easy to carry for travel, easy to use without burning your fingers or face, and easy to style with , to straighten, create waves, create curls , control frizz and to add bounce to your hair.

As a special offer who those who book Personal Hairstyle workshops with me in future , I am giving away a 30% discount code for those who wish to buy the TUFT products online , with a 3 day delivery.

The slideshow shows some of the variety of styles that clients achieved, during the workshop.

So what are you waiting for....

Book your Hairstyling workshop now

And take Glam Hair into your own Hands

For Bookings :

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